We are residents, we pay the bills, we should be heard. Decisions e.g. planning decisions, should be made with the consent of the people. This is our town.


270,000 voters should decide who runs Croydon rather than 21 Councillors deciding who is the Leader.

15,500 signatures will force the Council to hold a referendum giving residents the choice. Every Croydon voter is eligible to sign.


Please ask all voting members of your family to sign.

DEMOC is NOT political party-affiliated – we only seek to improve the way Croydon is run


Purley & Woodcote, Kenley & District, Hartley & District, Addington Village, Croham Valley, Sanderstead, and the Whitgift Residents Associations & by both the Conservative Party & the Labour Party, in the south of the Borough, the Christian Parties Alliance, Brexit Party candidates and Libertarian Party candidate.


Croydon Council does not listen to all its residents

There is a problem with a lack of democracy in Croydon. Planning is a prime example - family homes are being destroyed, communities are being spoiled and valid planning objections are being brushed aside. This destruction of family housing does not have the consent of local people.

Why have things gone wrong?

Of the 28 electoral areas or ‘wards’ in Croydon, 24 have significant majorities (17% or more) for one or other of the two main parties. So, in those areas, only the incumbent has any real chance of winning and councillors know they have safe seats. Currently, the only votes that really make a difference in a Local Election are in the 4 ‘marginal wards’ so they choose the majority party to run the Council. The councillors for the controlling-party choose the “Leader of the Council”. This Leader has executive powers to decide how the Council is run. So, there is no real accountability to many of Croydon's residents. This applies whichever Party is in power.

The Solution

The lack of real accountability to the residents can be stopped by replacing the current Leader with a Directly Elected Mayor who would take charge at the Council. The Elected Mayor would be chosen by and accountable to all the 270,000 voters of Croydon. There would be minimal additional costs as the Elected Mayor replaces the Leader of the Council. Other towns and boroughs have already done this, for example: - Bedford, Bristol, Doncaster, Hackney, Leicester, Lewisham, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Newham, North Tyneside, Salford and Watford.

With a Directly Elected Mayor, every single vote would count equally

The 270,000 Croydon voters would choose an Elected Mayor to lead the Council rather than just a small group of Councillors, solely from the controlling party, choosing the Leader.

If the Elected Mayor fails to listen to residents, then they are not likely to be re-elected.

Croydon Council is resisting this campaign because it will weaken their powerbase and make the leadership accountable to the voters. Hence the Council will accept only original-signed-petitions – no electronic copies and no online registration. Please ensure that you are registered to vote in elections and that you only sign the petition once.

Other details that may be of interest: -

  • The campaign is titled “Democratically Elected Mayor” as this is the name provided by the law that makes this process possible.
  • The Democratically Elected Mayor must not be confused with the existing “Ceremonial Mayor of Croydon” (currently Humayun Kabir). The ceremonial Mayor has no executive powers and does not run the Council. The role of Ceremonial Mayor will continue.
  • We aim to establish an election for a person (to be called the “Elected Mayor of Croydon”) who will hold the executive powers currently held by the “Leader of the Council”.
  • It is these executive powers that will enable the Elected Mayor to ensure the committees such as the planning committee listen to the comments from residents, for example concerning over development.
  • The Elected Mayor will influence the choice of who is on the committees from the elected councillors and can intervene if a committee is not respecting the electorate – in the same way Democratically Elected Mayors of other boroughs are already doing.
  • The Elected Mayor need not be party-affiliated, they can be independent and from any walk of life. The pool of candidates is much larger and new skills can be brought to the role.
  • There are no additional salary costs for a Democratically Elected Mayor. He or she would simply replace the Leader of the Council.

No solution is perfect but the DEMOC proposal for an Elected Mayor has got to be better for Croydon, and the Voters of Croydon, than what we have today where there is a lack of accountability to residents who are being ignored. A Mayor should also be able to lift the profile and image of our town.

Issued by the Campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon (DEMOC) PO Box 3254, Purley, CR8 9ER

Croydon residents are saying we need someone to lead Croydon who listens to and speaks for the whole borough. Right now, our local democracy isn’t working properly for residents.

The following Press Release was issued on 29 August, 2019:

Addressed to: - All Croydon residents

- Residents’ Associations in Croydon

- Community Groups in Croydon

August 2019

To the people of Croydon

On 9 July 2019, a public meeting was held in Christchurch, Purley to discuss whether there was sufficient interest in proceeding with a campaign for a democratically elected mayor of Croydon. This article does not constitute official minutes of the meeting, but is nevertheless believed to be accurate.