Thank You

On behalf of the DEMOC campaign team, I am writing to thank you for your help and support over the 27 months of our campaign to get a Democratically Elected Mayor running Croydon Council, also to thank you for your vote.

Your assistance and that of others, has made it possible for the people of Croydon to have better accountability from those running our town who in future will need to listen to and care more about the views of residents.
The consent and support of the people will be crucial to the new Mayor as she or he takes the necessary steps to bring about the recovery of our town to one we can all be proud of again.

We were delighted that 4 out of every 5 residents who voted in the referendum, chose to have an Elected Mayor and also, that the people of every single one of the 28 electoral wards (areas) of Croydon voted to have a Mayor.

The campaign brought people from all over Croydon together, working to improve our town for everyone. At six public meetings we had senior representatives of both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party together on the same platform, supporting the common cause of improving democracy and accountability here in Croydon.

From next May, a newly Elected Mayor can surely build on this, and woe betide a Mayoral candidate who does not understand the need for this coming together of people. The recovery of Croydon is more important than party politics and as one resident rightly said - money is short but improving Croydon is more about changing attitudes than anything else. The right leadership can make all the difference.

Thank you for helping Croydon take this first important step to recovery.

Yours Sincerely
Gerry Meredith-Smith
Chairman - for the Campaign Team

Croydon Council has again reach the giddy accolade of being featured in Private Eye. How any organisation can spend £600K on an independent report into the incompetence of the Fairfield Halls refurbishment and then lose that report defies belief. This is then combined with the loosing of 5 tons of weights used for the scenery and curtains; and two Steinway Pianos. It sounds like a team doing community pay-back could have done better than Croydon Council and its wholly owned building (?) company Brick-by-Brick.

The article as published in Private Eye is provided below