Won't you just get a mayor from the party in charge today?

Our campaign is focused on a fairly system for electing a leader of Croydon council. One which we think will make them more accountable to all the voters of the borough. What happens after the trigger point, the people of Croydon must decide.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following Residents' Associations, political and other groups:

Our needs are simple. We do not need vast sums of money in order to operate, however things like room hire for meetings and the cost of this website, not to mention printing costs for the petition and legally required registrations etc unfortunately do not come free.

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Our borough, Croydon is my home, our family’s home and our community. We’ve all seen huge changes in our town in recent years, a thriving suburb has been on the verge of becoming a big city. This comes with the diversity, opportunities and challenges of any city. From the peak of Sydenham Hill at Crystal Palace, via the Saffron Valley of Croydon Town centre to the North Downs in Coulsdon, our borough has a highly diverse people and living areas. We have a multitude of town centres, an amazing history as a market town, military town, factory town, as well as home to London’s first Airport and one that played a crucial role in freedoms victory in the second world war. Also a modern office and shopping centre.