The Campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon is led by residents from across Croydon. We are supported by a variety of residents' associations. 17,000 residents/voters of Croydon signed our petition.

Croydon is our borough, our home, the home for our families and our communities. We’ve all seen huge changes to our town in very recent years, a thriving suburb was on the verge of becoming a big city. This comes with the diversity, opportunities and challenges of any city. From the peak of Sydenham Hill at Crystal Palace, via the Saffron Valley of Croydon Town centre to the North Downs in Coulsdon, our borough is highly diverse and vibrant and better for it

We have a multitude of town centres, an amazing history as a market town, military town, factory town, as well as home to London’s first Airport and one that played a crucial role in freedoms victory in the second world war. Also a modern office and shopping centre.

Sadly something has gone very badly wrong over the past few years. The system of local government simply has not kept pace with the changes in our town and it is not working. Our town council has delivered a financial disaster with near bankruptcy, essential services cuts, jobs lost, and tax and cost increases for us all as a consequence. We have no Westfield shopping centre as we were promised. The Fairfield Halls was shut and likely to remain shut because of the bungled refurbishment by Brick by Brick. The Councils fully owned developer Brick by Brick has demonstrated waste and incompetence on such significant scale and failure to complete its core function of delivering affordable homes that the external auditors advise closing the business down - which will cost our council more money.

We shouldn’t have a system that allows the people's views to be ignored and where there is a lack of accountability and scrutiny of decisions. No system of local or central government can ever be perfect but a directly elected mayor would mean people are listened to again and will make those in charge more responsive - because they remain accountable. We would all get an equal vote in who runs our town! A mayor will be someone we know, someone we can hold to account, and someone to stand up for Croydon.

Croydon is changing. For all our families' futures, lets change to a council that listens and meets all our needs in an open and fair way, valuing everyone in our community.

Support our campaign to for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon.

The DEMOC campaign is not-party political - but it is support by members across the political parties.